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Ecoguards - Dust Shrouds

Contain The Dust When Dry Grinding Or Dry Fabricating Stone By Using Dust Shrouds and Ecoguards



Types of Alpha® Ecoguards:

Ecoguard Type C

For use when cutting with dry blades up to 5" in diameter.  This dust collection cover eliminates the mess as it does not require a vacuum.


Ecoguard Type G

Intended for use when grinding with wheels up to 5" in diamter.  This dust collection cover creates a virtually dust-free environment when connected to a vacuum.

Ecoguard Type W

Unlike the Ecoguard Type C, which uses a supplied dust collection bag, the Ecoguard Type W must be used with a vacuum, or other dust collection system, to successfully collect the dust and larger particles derived from the using wider kerf diamond blades such as the Alpha® Tuck Pointing or Crack Chasing blades.



Malish 7" Dust Shroud

​Metal shroud with a vacuum port for dust free grinding, it also has a the ability to get flush up to walls due to the hinged plate on the front of the unit.  

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