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Tools for Granite, Marble, Quartz, Tile,
Stone Restoration & Concrete Polishing
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Portable Routers


We Have 3 Different Master Series Routers

  • Master 3500 Hydro Base Portable Router
  • Master 3500 Wheel Base Portable Router
  • Master 2800 Hydro Base Portable Router

Most popular router in the industry - just ask any shop owner

Hydro Base System with the revolutionary water hydro system, there is no need to cover the face of the stone, allowing you to go right to work

No jigs or templates required using self guided router bits, the operator has no need of templates or jigs

The Transformer is needed for this router to operate properly.  Part#:  004MS0200

The Lighter the Router the Better Bits You Handle


  • Built for profiling sinks & edges(perfect for pre-fabs)
  • Built-in Hydroplaning base assists the router to move smoothly over the stone's surface without scratching
  • Works with natural & engineered stones
  • Has the option to be Water Fed(Water is sent directly through the center of the spindle and into the center of the bit where coolant-through bits can then sling the water right onto the working surface no matter where that surface is. This keeps the bit and stone fully wet at all times, allowing for maximum bit life and a perfect polish.)