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As the exclusive United States distributor for Marmoelettromeccanica CNC tooling, Regent Stone Products is proud to announce Marmo’s latest breakthrough CNC tooling technology. Marmo, for years has innovated new tooling technologies that have now become staples in the industry. (ie: the Frangistone breaker wheels and the Longlife continuous face resin polishing wheels; both of these innovative technologies are running on almost every stone CNC now in some form, many versions of these innovations are made by competitors now)

Well, Marmo has done it again! They have developed the “Extra High Speed (EHS)” line of CNC tools, which run literally twice as fast as any stone CNC profile tools on the market. The 3 metal profile wheels are designed to run at 10 meters (400 inches) per minute!

Through extensive research, Marmo has developed a new matrix of diamonds and metals that is capable of these never seen before speeds. They are also offered at 40 – 50% less than other high speed wheels on the market.

Call Regent Stone Products for more information. 1-800-624-8210