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Trimaco CX3 Surface Technology

Trimaco CX3 Surface Technology
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Trimaco CX3 Countertop Protection Film  
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Trimaco’s brand-new surface protection technology, CX3, is a pressuresensitive tacky surface film that provides protection to virtually every surface—stainless steel, granite,countertops, walls, railings, hardwood floors, cabinets, carpets and tile—without leaving behind anannoying, sticky residue.

CX3 is also repositionable. If you finish one area, peel it off and reapply to the next space.

How it works: In the lab, CX3 is constructed at one time, rather than producing a layer of film and then
adding a layer of adhesive. As a result, CX3 emerges in two bonded layers.

What it means: Clean adhesion to a variety of surfaces for long periods of time. CX3 provides double
protection. First, like other traditional surface films, it protects the surface from foot traffic and paint
splatters. But CX3 has the added bonus of protecting the surface from the film itself. So your surface is
just like you found it—no damage and no sticky residue.

Apply it to just about every surface and the film still comes off clean, leaving no residue.


24 inches wide x 200 feet long