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Weha Filter Project Dry Dust Collection Booths

Item # Description Qty.
Weha 6Ft. Automatic Dry Dust Collection Booth, TEC713  
Our Price: $13,950.00
Weha 10Ft. Automatic Dry Dust Collection Booth, TEC714  
Our Price: $16,100.00
Weha 13Ft. Automatic Dry Dust Collection Booth, TEC715  
Our Price: $19,600.00



Filter Project Dry Dust Collector Booth is made to trap 99% of Dust from Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, Quartz, Quartzite, and other airborne particles. Filter Project Dry Dust Collector Booths are all stainless steel, heavy duty, dry dust collectors made to eliminate 99.99% of dust particles. With the additional requirements initiated by OSHA for Silica in the granite and engineered stone, the Filter Project Clean Air Dry Dust Collectors will be a major advantage in removing silica dust from the air.


The Filter Project Dry Granite Dust Collectors have specially designed cloth filtering sleeves inside the Dust Collector. When turned on the Dry Dust Suction Walls very powerful motors create a strong vacuum that pulls the dust particles horizontally from the work bench directly into the dust suction wall, then pulls it down to the bottom of the wall and inside the unit. There the many cloth filtering sleeves trap the dust and only allows 99.99% clean air to come out of the top. 

The Granite and Stone dust is then collected in the catch basin draw at the bottom of the dry dust collection booth. Every day or once a week simply empty the dust that has been collected in the bottom of the catch basin.

The Filter Project Dry Dust Collection Booths are available in 3 sizes and in Automatic Dust Collection and Manual Dust Collection (special order).

  • 6 1/2' Ft (2 meter) Automatic Cleaning Dry Dust Collection Booth - Available by special order
  • 10 ft (3 meter) Automatic Cleaning Dry Dust Collection Booth
  • 13 ft (4 meter) Automatic Cleaning Dry Dust Collection Booth